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sims: redux! fandoms: ace attorney, supernatural, ncis

Cut for images! More to come later.

Abby Sciuto and Tim McGee's bedroom. :D

Abby at her 'workstation' in her bedroom.

Tony watching TV in his underwear--which are flame boxers, by the way.

I DON'T KNOW WHY GIBBS IS SWIMMING. He just... felt like it. In Soviet!Sims, Gibbs controls you.

Ziva waits for the boys to move out of the way while they chat.

/CAT CALL. That's all of them for now, since I need to renovate their house to add Maya, Fran, Adrian and maybe Mia. :3c

I SWITCHED ACTIVE HOUSEHOLDS BACK TO THEM and they were swimming idegi. Sam and Dean, wtf.

This is their retro!tastic house and their retro!tastic kitchen. :Dc

YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH see this is awesome. I just... I love it.

Dean goes straight for the drinks at the beach and Sam's like "..." and Dean's like "... what?"

Sam, I know you're hungry. I didn't tell you to eat this burger. Don't pick it up... don't eat it...

... aw COME ON. Now you'll get all hopped up on demon blood or something. Goddammit Sammy.

So. So. There's a story behind this. Sam flirts with this guy's girlfriend. The girlfriend talks to her boyfriend. Her boyfriend goes up to Dean and slaps him. They proceed to argue, then fight, and Dean kicks his ass.

Don't mess with them Winchester boys.

Dean's checking himself out. Oh Dean.


Once I build up the Ace Attorney house, I'm gonna make an Auditore house with a bunch of Assassin's Creed people. All these guys live on the same street and eventually they'll have some kind of block party. :3c
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