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sims: redux! fandoms: ace attorney, supernatural, assassin's creed

Yet another.

Miles and Fran read books on Logic. :D

Miles is cooking--a skill he's naturally good at in the Sims. It's not a Trait but... well apparently he's just good at it. :|a

So Phoenix was painting and then all of the sudden I panned the camera and THERE'S CASTIEL.

Phoenix didn't seem too concerned though.

Adrian and Dean do NOT get along. No surprise...

Miles practices chess. :3c So talented.

So they're at the park and then guess who's there? THE AUDITORE FAMILY!

Desmond and Adrian are actually getting along. I think it's because Des is so chill...

ALSO CAS IS RANDOMLY THERE. D-did not expect that. /loling

Fran you gotta be more careful. D:

Oh yeah I need say nothing more...


Fran is reading up on Logic and pwning Miles with it. lolol.

This picture says it all.



They have a tiny little disagreement and Adrian faints. (unsure)

Phoenix paints Miles in a still-life. :3c

I built a new house at this point and moved some other people into the other one.


Dean meets Adrian again... and talks about Sam.

Dean fails at scoring with this chick while Cas wins. ...

What? 8|

Cas is totally good with the ladies. 8)
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